One media processing platform for all IMS, WebRT C, OTT, and IP Transcoding Services.

Many network operators and telecom service providers have a history of rolling out value-add interactive services in isolation, each driving new media processing investments. The result is a proliferation of media resources in the network, from a variety of vendors, offering different capabilities, control interfaces, and platforms.

The IMS architecture, the underpinning for delivering VoLTE and RCS services, provides a unique opportunity to change your business economics.

By pursuing a OneMRP strategy, mobile operators can reap the benefits of supporting VoLTE, RCS, and many other interactive multimedia services – all using one media processing architecture. Media Resource Broker(MRB)can deliver additional benefits and simplifications in your services architecture, further reducing CAPEX and ongoing OPEX.

The Skinny IT MRP product family is specifically designed to support a OneMRP strategy.

Our hardware, software, and virtualized media processing platforms can all support a large variety of IMS, WebRTC, OTT, and Transcoding media processing requirements.

The result is an efficient, flexible, and scalable infrastructure, that minimizes operational costs to maximizes service profitability.

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