Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) allows service providers to give their customers all of the services they want in one convenient bundle.

TV and Internet are easy, but offering a sound Voice option is the tricky part. Skinny IT has a solution that doesn't require any additional infrastructure.

Skinny IT can give services providers VoWiFi capabilities with clever software. It enables users to access their Voice services not just on their home WiFi, but any WiFi network worldwide.

It's an option that is inexpensive to implement but is sure to yield profits.

Adding VoWiFi services doesn't require redoing your entire infrastructure.

VoWiFi isn't just for the big boys. Skinny IT has a VoWiFi solution for service providers of any size.

Small to medium sized cable companies can offer their customers a true triple-play option with Skinny IT's VoWiFi software.

As mobile devices get smarter, consumers are wanting more options for talk. VoWiFi is that solution, and most smartphones and tablets are ready to use the service.

Skinny IT’s solution gives mobile operators a time-to-market advantage using a single Convergence Platform that supports a wide variety services including VoWiFi, VoLTE, SMS/MMS over 4G, and RCS.

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