EFI&T  |  Engineer, Furnish, Install & Test

With years of experience procuring and installing equipment and systems for every type of communications network, we understand the challenges Telco and Service Providers face.

We offer complete turn-key Engineer, Furnish, Install, and Test (EFI&T) services for central offices and data centers. We work with most major wire-line and wireless service providers and carrier class equipment manufacturers.

Using proven methodologies, we will meet or exceed your expectations and help make sure that each deployment objective is delivered on time and within cost constraints.

Benefits of EFI&T Services

Skinny IT EFI&T services provide clients a “one-stop shop” to meet all their needs. Benefits include:

Project Management

A single point of contact to handle all aspects of the project.


Design, configuration, and bill of material development and validation capabilities.


A fully-staffed integration center with 500 AMPs of -48 VDC power and open floor space.

DC Power Installation

Cable installation, H-taps, and lugs, all tied into the return buss and Battery Distribution Fuse Bay (BDFB).

Rack and Stack

Relay rack installation and grounding. Equipment stacked per design elevations.


Installation and end-to-end validation testing of all copper and fiber data cables.

Test and Turn-Up

Operational and functional testing; full system commissioning in production mode.

As-Built Documentation

Detailed breakdown and digital pictures of cable paths and rack elevations.

Our EFI&T services are the result of years of experience using proven methodologies and industry best practices to help you align business objectives with IT strategies.

Our team of PMI certified project managers provide full program management of all phases of communications installation or specific portions of a network upgrade. Certified network engineers perform network health checks, site surveys, configuration development, operational and functional testing, and full service network commissioning.

Every data cable, relay rack, network device, power cable, ground cable, and termination point is inspected and signed-off on. Every device is installed and tested as a functional system during staging and is tested again upon installation at your facility. We fully commission every device as a functional system.

Furnishing services include bill of material validation, material handling, logistic and third party equipment coordination, staging and integration, inventory tracking, and transportation. On-site installations are compliant with the communications industry standard Telcordia GR1275 specifications.

The last step in any implementation is the creation of the as-built document created specifically to describe how each device, rack, cable run, power feed, and ground cable was designed, configured, and integrated into the network solution as a whole.

Configuration and Deployment

We bring the configuration process into a centralized, controlled environment, where ISO 9001-certified processes are followed. By following these strict processes, order accuracy rates of 99.9 percent can be achieved. We use ISO-certified Quality Assurance processes so you receive high-quality, configured systems.

You can keep track of your systems with a digital birth certificate for every Intel®-compatible system configured. This birth certificate contains detailed hardware and software information and a complete inventory of all software products and versions loaded.

This enables you to access this data through the web-based procurement system (i.e. the client portal). Data from this service can be directly fed into an asset tracking system as part of a wider, asset management strategy.

Integration, Warehouse and Transportation

The majority (on average, 95%) of our shipments leave the warehouse on the same-day as ordered. Our warehouse operation includes the ability to consolidate and coordinate all ordered products and gives us the ability to quote and perform client-specific handling requests.

Our warehouse inventory management and product tracking uses wireless technology to help ease transportation concerns. Our seamless carrier tracking capability offers web-enabled primary carriers. And our multi-carrier network has a 99% on-time delivery.

Installation and Turn-Up Services

With access to more than 13,000 dispatched technicians in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, we are a leader in field service and support. We average thousands of calls a month. Our technicians cover 37,000 zip codes in the U.S. alone. We support network, server, personal computer, printer, and other peripherals, as well as point- of-sale equipment from major manufacturers such as Cisco, HP, Dell, IBM, Intel, and more.

Our configuration centers use proven methodologies and our engineering field force will follow your requirements to make sure networking components get delivered and installed on-time.

For turn-up services, we will engage our project management specialists.

Field Dispatch

Skinny IT Field Dispatch Services includes both warranty and non-warranty hardware maintenance. We have time and material, per incident, and annuity contract pricing. We also provide desk-side software support.

Our field dispatch services also include refreshing, upgrading, and migration projection with on-site dedicated staff augmentation and asset disposal that is both eco-safe and secure.

Whatever the problem. Whatever the deadline.
You can count on Skinny IT.

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