Over the last decade, Skinny IT has watched desktop computers and ethernet cables shrink in population as laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones take over business.

WiFi networks are a necessity for any successful business, and we know what it takes to create a successful Wifi network.

If you have an existing WiFi network that needs improvement, a site survey is what you need.

Get optimum performance from your existing network
Identify vulnerabilities in security
Identify performance issues

We’ll come to your site and perform an analysis while documenting everything.

Our engineers will suggest Access Point locations, create a Frequency Reuse Plan, and make installation suggestions.

How is your current network performing? We can tell you exactly with a WiFi Performance Survey.

Our engineers will come to your site and assess the health of your entire network, including:

How much traffic your network can handle
All relevant metrics
Spare capacity
Issues preventing speed and performance
and more…

Understand what’s going on with your network and easily see how to make improvements with a detailed report from Skinny IT.

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Whether improving your existing WiFi system or building a new one from the ground up, we have you covered from every angle.

Our installation services include:

Access points
Backbone LAN
Power and remote power systems
Network management verification

When it comes to Distributed Antenna System (DAS), Skinny IT also excels. We’re well versed in industry compliance and best practices, ensuring your system meets all requirements.

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